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About Us

We began roasting coffee in Historic Downtown Wabash in 2005. Our roastery was located on Miami Street next to Modoc’s Market.  Up until December of 2017, we roasted all our coffee on a Sivetz Fluid Bed Roaster in our front window.

We recently moved our roasting operations to 1221 Manchester Avenue in Wabash and added a second Sivetz Roaster. This expansion will help us serve our friends and customers with our exceptional air roasted coffee.

When we were deciding on a name for our business, we were drawn to the interesting history of this area. Our name recalls the days of the Wabash and Erie Canal which passed just a couple of blocks from our roastery in historic downtown Wabash, Indiana. The canal was an incredible undertaking, beginning service in 1835 and continuing in some fashion or other until about 1874.

Alas, the Wabash and Erie Canal was done in by the railroads and never turned a profit or even recovered the cost of its construction. It was however, for a time, the most important route in and out of the lands adjacent to its incredible 468 mile course from Ohio to Southern Indiana. It allowed goods from the outside world to filter into the frontier. Certainly coffee found its way to settlers via the canal too.

Today, the canal is all but forgotten, and those that built and traveled it are long gone. What remains are some historical markers and some low spots in farmers’ fields and some stone blocks that were part of canal locks here and there.

Old Canal Coffee Roasters is a small family-owned business with ties to the area going back through six generations of artisans and farmers. We became interested in the specialty coffee business a few years ago while visiting Seattle. We’ve been roasting remarkable coffee since 2005.

We source premium Arabica coffees from around the world and roast to order, in small batches, on one of our Sivetz fluid bed roasters. We operate a 12 pound electric Sivetz and a 38 pound gas fired Sivetz at our new facility about two miles from our old location downtown.

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